Lutetium Oxide Powder

CAS No.: 1312-81-8
Formula: La2o3
EINECS: 215-200-5
Classification: La2o3
Grade Standard: Electron Grade
Kind: No Salt Oxide

Product name: Lanthanum oxide


Molecular formula: La2O3  

Molecular weight: 325.8091

Lanthanum oxide Chemical Properties 
Melting point 2315 °C
Boiling point 4200 °C
density 6.51 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Fp 4200°C
storage temp. Storage temperature: no restrictions.
form nanopowder
color White to yellow
Specific Gravity 6.51
PH 9.0 (50g/l, H2O, 20ºC)(slurry)
Water Solubility INSOLUBLE
Sensitive Hygroscopic
Merck 145,363
Stability: Stable.
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