Praseodymium Oxide Powder

CAS No.: 12037-29-5
Formula: Pr6o11
EINECS: 234-857-9
Classification: Other Oxide
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Kind: No Salt Oxide
Praseodymium oxide Basic information 
Product Name: Praseodymium oxide
CAS: 12037-29-5
MF: O3Pr2
MW: 329.81
EINECS: 234-857-9
Mol File: 12037-29-5.mol
Praseodymium oxide Chemical Properties 
Melting point 2500°C
density 6.5 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
form nanopowder
color Dark green to dark brown or black
Water Solubility insoluble
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